Here’s an opportunity with purpose for you. EnthuZiastic aims at bridging the gap between learners and qualified teachers. Introduce us to your friends who want to learn and earn rewards.

Rewards that you can earn

Win $10 UNLIMITED times

10 friends sign up for an account, regardless of any purchase, you get a discount coupon worth $10.

Your friend gets a discount coupon worth $50 that can be redeemed when enrolling for a course.

getting money

Win $50 UNLIMITED times

A Friend enrolls in a EnthuZiastic Course. You get an additional discount coupon worth $50.

getting money

5 Easy steps to win rewards

1. Register

1. Register

Register for the Referral Program by filling your details.

2. Refer

2. Refer

Refer friends via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or Email.

3. Get link

3. Get link

Your friend gets a unique link to sign up with us.

4. Get sign up reward

4. Get sign up reward

As 10 of your friends sign up with us, you earn rewards. Your friends earn rewards.

5. Get enroll reward

5. Get enroll reward

When any of your friends enroll for a course with us, you earn more rewards.

Frequently asked questions

EnthuZiastic Referral Program is for our existing learners or their parents to share the gift of learning and celebration to their friends, family, acquaintances etc.

It is open to all our learners or their parents who have been with us for more than 3 months.

Fill the form above to register for the referral program and start inviting your friends. It takes only 2 seconds to earn exciting rewards.

Once registered, you will get a unique link to share with your friends. You can share via email, facebook, twitter, whatsapp. You will get an email from us confirming your registration. When your friend signs up, they will also get an email confirming that they have signed up through you. And next steps on how to get reward will be shared with them.

Referee will get the reward immediately on course enrollment. Referrers will get the reward within 7 working days.

Terms & Conditions

1: "Referrer(s)" for the purpose of this program shall mean an existing customer of EnthuZiastic Inc. or employee of EnthuZiastic Inc., referred a Referee for signing up for EnthuZiastic Inc.

2: "Referee(s)", for the purposes of this offer shall be the individual who has been referred for signing up with EnthuZiastic Inc. by the Referrer.

3: Friend/family/colleague refers to "Referee"

4: "Referral Program" shall mean the online platform under which the Referrer(s) shall refer the Referee(s) for signing up with EnthuZiastic Inc.

2: "Referee(s)", for the purposes of this offer shall be the individual who has been referred for signing up with EnthuZiastic Inc. by the Referrer.

5: Gift" shall mean the gift/voucher that is available under each individual Offer. The same is subject to the discretion of the specific product/service teams that initiate Offers on the online platform of the Referral Program.

1: In case a person is referred by more than 1 referrer, Referral will get attributed to referrer whose invite the referee has clicked upon.

2: In the event of a dispute, EnthuZiastic Inc. shall have the sole and final discretion in deciding the first Referrer.

3: In case of any grievance/concerns raised by any reference; referrer will be liable and responsible for sharing the details without the referee's consent.

4: The Referrer confirms having obtained the consent of the person referred for providing his/her details to EnthuZiastic Inc.

5: EnthuZiastic Inc. at its sole discretion, will contact the Referees, if needed for individual Offers of services by them.

6: The participation in the program is entirely voluntary and it is understood that the participation by the Referrer shall be deemed to have been made on a voluntary basis.

7: EnthuZiastic Inc. is not responsible for the expiry of the coupons.

8: EnthuZiastic Inc. reserves the right to modify/change all or any of the Terms and Conditions applicable to the Offer without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever.

9: EnthuZiastic Inc. also reserves the right to discontinue the Offer without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever.

10: The offers under this referral program cannot be clubbed with any other offer, offered by EnthuZiastic Inc.

11: The Referrer who has provided a reference shall not be entitled to any reward under the Referral Program, if the details provided of such references are incomplete or incorrect or invalid.

12: Self-referral (referring yourself) is not allowed.

13: EnthuZiastic Inc. Employees who are dealing with collaborations will not be eligible for this program.

14: Referral or Referee rewards are valid only if claimed within 30 days of Referee Registration.

15: All other website terms and conditions apply.

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